Technical Specifications of the internal ShowNET mainboards

ShowNET integrated to laser systems (internal ShowNET):


The technical specifications for all different ShowNET models are quite the same, as they use the same Firmware. However, there are some differences in terms of how the ShowNET interface is used and if it's integrated or not.

Features ShowNET internal mainboard



Control options of the internal ShowNET board:

  • ArtNET control
  • Sound-to-Light operation (only available with integrated boards, if microphone board is connected)
  • Demo-Mode - with automatic animation of the patterns on teh SD-card
  • Automatic- / Stand-Alone-Mode, manual file triggering is possible
  • ILDA Streaming over LAN (ILDA Transceiver feature)
  • Compatible to various laser control software, like Showeditor or Showcontroller


Hardware features of the internal ShowNET board: 

  • X/Y scanner outputs with 12 bit resolution (4096 different positions on each axis)
  • Color outputs with 8 bit resolution (256 different intensity values per color channel): red, green, blue, intensity linked to green
  • MicroSD card for ILDA file playback (ILDA format code 4/5 RGB)
  • DMX512 input and output (non-isolated)
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet port
  • Flexible IP address setting: static address, DHCP or AutoIP
  • Maximum scan speed ~100.000 points per second
  • Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multiprojector laser shows
  • Built-in ArtNet-to-DMX converter


The technical features of the ShowNET interface also significantly depend on the firmware: The latest firmware releases bring many new features to the ShowNET interfaces, like different DMX profiles (depending on the type of use) with new features like safety zones, color balancing or RGB color picker support over DMX/ArtNET.



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