ShowNET Feature: Master-Slave Operation

ShowNET - external and internal - can be used for controlling laser systems in master-slave operation. This means, that one ShowNET acts as "master" and the others as "slaves" They are linked with standard DMX cables.

The master ShowNETsends the control signal and thus triggers the slave ShowNET to do the same. All ShowNETs in a master-slave chain should have the same ILDA files on their SD cards, otherwise the result would be different.

The master-slave operation principle is, that the master ShowNET sends out DMX control signals and the slave ShowNETs act according to these signals. These signals are just trigger signals, so no intelligence is transmitted - this already resides in the slave ShowNETs.

Master-slave operation is possible in Sound-to-Light mode or Demo-Mode (see ShowNET manual). Only the master ShowNET is relevant, the Slaves just act to the trigger of the master.


Feature ShowNET Master Slave control graphics

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