ShowNET Feature: DMX control

ShowNET can easily be used with DMX512 for convenient laser control via conventional lighting desks or lighting software.

Custom ILDA files can be stored to the ShowNET's internal SD card and can then be triggered via DMX. Even though the ShowNET already comes with a preset of frames and animations, it is possible to completely customize all these contents. This is comparable to using "Gobos", like in conventional lighting, but these "Gobos" in lasers can not only be static, but be animated, colorful and easily customizable.

ShowNET comes with a free software that allows for creation of custom content, which then can be loaded to the ShowNET's SD card.


Devices with integrated ShowNET as mainboard usually have DMX connectors. External ShowNET interfaces may require an additional DMX adapter to get the DMX signal in and out of the ILDA line. ShowNET PRO interfaces have DMX connectors as standard. Wiring and handling is the same as with other DMX devices.

As standard, ShowNET is set to DMX-operation (see manual for instructions).


You can use any lighting desk for DMX controlling the ShowNET, as long as it supports DMX - it can be a Grand MA, Avolites desk, any other lighting desk or control software.


Feature ShowNET DMX control graphics


This feature is available to full extent since firmware version 2019052002.

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