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ShowNET is the Laser Interface you need!

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ShowNET External Hardware DACs 3-channel ShowNET Integration Hardware DACs 3channel

ShowNet is a versatile laser mainboard with a broad set of functionalities, including that of a digital-analog-converter for the use with laser show software. It converts a digital network signal to an analog laser control signal. The ShowNET interface is either available as external device, so it can be used with any laser system with ILDA interface, or it is available as integratable board that can be implemented directly into laser systems for most convenience.

The ShowNET interface has been designed to be compatible to standard network infrastructure, without the need of additional, costly components. The Signal uses the standard UDP data transfer protocol, so the signal can be distributed with normal switches, it can be amplified and even transferred over long distances through fiber transmission.

Learn more about the ShowNET interface from the Technical Specs

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