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OLD VERSION - ShowNET Firmware 2020022302 OLD VERSION - ShowNET Firmware 2020022302 HOT

This firmware upgrade provides the latest features for the ShowNET hardware. 

It dates 23.02.2020. Use the latest ShowNET Admin Tool (Version > 1.37) to apply this firmware!


Quick overview of features added:

- full ArtNET integration

- two different DMX modes - DJ mode and Professional Mode.

- NEW: Setup and Store mode via DMX (second DMX layer for setup)

- NEW: extended DMX functionality with Safety Zones over DMX, Color Balancing and RGB color picking (Professional Mode); can be programmed via DMX console or Admin Tool

- NEW: Geometric corrections implemented into the mainboard

- remote upload of ILDA Files to the SD card

- Sound-to-Light capability (availability depends on hardware)

- Master-Slave capability (availability depends on hardware)

- advanced stand-alone operation, individual selection of ILDA files

- etc.


Update the firmware on a ShowNET device at your own risk. 


Version 2020022302
Size 1.01 MB
MD5 Checksum 4f7de2f545e2d37f889a3a5a1a3cf03d
SHA1 Checksum 01b41d99bd33c38a6d8d28aa07fc7667a7eb5677
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