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OLD VERSION - ShowNET Firmware 2019052002 OLD VERSION - ShowNET Firmware 2019052002 HOT

This firmware upgrade provides the latest features for the ShowNET hardware. 

It dates 02.05.2019. Use the latest ShowNET Admin Tool to apply this firmware!


Quick overview of features added:

- full ArtNET integration

- two different DMX modes - DJ mode and Professional Mode.

- vastly extended DMX functionality with Safety Zones over DMX, Color Balancing and RGB color picking (Professional Mode)

- remote upload of ILDA Files to the SD card

- Sound-to-Light capability (availability depends on hardware)

- Master-Slave capability (availability depends on hardware)

- advanced stand-alone operation, individual selection of ILDA files

- etc.


Update the firmware on a ShowNET device at your own risk. 


Version 2019052002
Size 1.01 MB
MD5 Checksum b205d8aa9e8f8d8f7bc5c930939e5475
SHA1 Checksum c464576e2b594babd0c1e4866de243f1207d50ef
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